Butwi /ˈbyu twi/

Simpler, Readabler Twitter

Fake Butwi @fake_butwi

Ah yes. I can actually read the tweets now.

Fake Butwi @fake_butwi

This is quite nice actually.

Fake Butwi @fake_butwi

No ads. No images. Just gratifying text.

Fake Butwi @fake_butwi

My eyes hurt no more.

Less is more, more or less

Less Chrome

This isn't your geriatric dad's muscle car

Less Business

Ha ha! Business!

Less Squinting

No more ⌘ + lolwut?

More Flexible

Resizing browser windows is fun! Whee!

More Readable

Consume all the things!

More Minimal

I'm Upamanyu. Minimal minimal minimal!

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